Drawer animation inside a list or alternative approach?

I am trying to get both pulldown functionality and drawer animation of the list items work together.

The best result so far has been using PulldownList, which contains the drawers (Like this: http://jsfiddle.net/juristi/vKdkn/). However, the animations do not work there.

I've also tried to use prepareRow+performOnRow combination, but somehow the object references do not play well together (probably because of messy coding). Is it even possible to get the drawer animations showing inside the list this way?

I somehow understand the Flyweight functionality and how it could prevent the animation form working properly. There is then the Repeater, which at least creates individual objects for all items. But there does not seem to be a version of it that implements the pulldown functionality and I quite like how intuitive it is for updating the list.

So... In summary: What would be the best, simplest, straightforward way to have animated drawers in a list that can be updated with pulldown feature?
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