Best way to access enyojs forums on mobile ?

Does anyone access this forum on a mobile ? Do you use the browser or an app ? Any recommendation for a good app for WebOS (Pre 3) ?

If I can access this on my mobile, I will be able to participate more :)

Mobile Browser works reasonably well, but was hoping for a nicer app for that.



  • As far as I know, there's no mobile apps designed for Vanilla Forums, the software we use for this.
  • I just view on my phone and everything looks great
  • I have a question, why enyojs forum does not use enyo technology?
  • Because we needed a discussion forum before the Enyo library and UI widgets were out of beta, so it was much quicker to buy forum hosting and use already written software than write our own.

    I think Enyo would work well for forums, but no one has used it for a major forum system yet, and we're too busy to write that.
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