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Hi everyone, is there any best practice / experience available how to integrate a third-party SDK. Concretely, I like to implement a Facebook Login with help of their Javascript SDK?
I hope you can give me a clue, so I can move into the right direction. Right now, I'm quite confused especially about the JS sdk's functionality on iOS/Android?
Thanks in advance


  • I am about to look into the same area. I read a bit about the Facebook JS SDK. I can think of two ways to do it.

    1) You write an Enyo kind that dynamically load the facebook JS scripts (see the Google or Bing Map examples for the technique to dynamically load external JS scripts) . I think the FB JS is responsible for opening login dialogs etc.

    2) If you want a complete Enyo looking implementation, so using Enyo UI for login dialog box etc, then you need to understand what API calls need to be made to FB server and do them using enyo.Ajax

    I am not sure which approach is better yet. But I do plan to tinker with this area in the coming weeks. Will update this thread, if I get anywhere with it !
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