Cutting edge mobile technology development w/Enyo

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If you’re interested in working at a company that is going to change the software world, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to ignore.

Calling all programming geniuses! We have spent the last 6 months trying to find engineers with the skills to build Enyo based mobile applications. Some have been successful, many have failed! Enyo proves to be difficult to work with and requires a high level of programming knowledge. Are you up to the challenge?

ClickSlide generates a GUI for any API without writing code. The ultimate aim of this concept is to allow people with no programming knowledge to create software quickly and inexpensively for any platform. This is going to shift the existing paradigm of software engineering. Join this dedicated team and you will have the opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting advances in software engineering that you’ll see this decade.

Help make History!

We are building a custom front end in Enyo and need some engineers to help build components.
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  • interesting .. just wonder why you need PHP Developer when you could do server side coding with Enyo too ...

    What kind of API can you generate GUI for ?
    Is it suitable for SOAP API, REST API .. ?
    (Enyo has an API too .. )
    What kind of API description do you expect?
    How to wire multiple APIs that you need to create an app GUI ?
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