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Starting work with enyo and phonegap together for the first time. I've essentially duplicated my enyo based web page. The page has a date picker and works great. Going through the documentation here, it says I need to use new app().renderInto(document.body) instead of new app().write() when working with phonegap. When I do that, the picker dates appear below the group box that is containing the picker, like some kind of css strangeness or something. Using new app().write(); renders just like the enyo sampler. Is using .write() going to cause problems as I build the project out?
        // tell Enyo to listen for deviceready event
        enyo.dispatcher.listen(document, "deviceready");

        // Application kind
            name: "App",
            kind: "FittableRows",
            components: [
                {kind: "Signals", ondeviceready: "deviceReady"},
                {kind: "onyx.Groupbox", components: [
                    {kind: "onyx.GroupboxHeader", allowHtml: true, content: "Header Info "},
                    {components: [
                        {kind: "FittableColumns", components: [
                            {allowHtml: true, content: "Data for: "},                       
                            {allowHtml: true, kind: "onyx.DatePicker", floating: true, onSelect: "updateDateValues", name:"datePicker", minYear: 2010},
                    {allowHtml: true, name: "messagearea"}
            deviceReady: function() {
                // respond to deviceready event


  • In general, renderInto works better and will be supported in runtime environments, like Windows 8 apps or Chrome apps that don't support write(). It's likely that you're hitting the behavior that renderInto(document.body) automatically adds enyo-fit styles to the item that's rendered. To avoid this, have a div in your body and render into that tag.
  • Turns out that I had my script in the body and not the head of the document. Put it in the head and now I can render into the body or the div. Thanks for the help.
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