Best way to upload file in Enyo 1.0

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any idea what is the best way to upload file in Enyo 1.0 for "desktop browser application"? (Note PhoneGap file uploader does not work in "desktop").


  • Can you clarify? Are you sending a file to a remote website? What desktop environment are you running in?
  • hi unwiredben, I am sending a file to server (web application), the client is either running on Chrome or Safari browser. Ideally I used use normal multipart HTTP post, but I think it won't work in Enyo since it will either move or reload the page..
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    This is problem is as old as webOS ... however, you may be saved by the fact that you are running in a browser. See this page for an example:

    The problem with uploads on webOS was that XHR didn't support FormData or sendAsBinary, meaning you had to use DownloadManager to upload anything as multipart (or use a complex node service). In most browsers, however, XHR is up to the task.

    I ran into the same problem when testing enyo 1.0 in Titanium a while back and was surprised to find that XHR is capable of this on most platforms.

    (BTW, the browser will have to have local file access for this to work).
  • Thanks omastudios, i am also surprised that XHR can do multipart http post. I will try this.
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