Enyo 2.x and Windows 8

What are the community's thoughts about utilizing Enyo 2.x to augment the Windows 8 apps? I must admit, that I am a total novice at the infrastructure of Enyo 2.x and how its native WebOS apps might be integrated into the core of Windows 8.

There are definite needs for more robust Mail/contacts/calendar applications within Windows 8. I am a previous HP Touchpad user and really like the way synergy and the core productivity apps functioned.
There is also a need for Facebook and other social media connections.

Are those limited to the synergy architecture? Can they be layered onto Windows 8's application layer?

Just some thoughts! It would seem that this would be a great way to get exposure to the Enyo application framework




  • Yeah, all the syncing logic is part of the Synergy system in webOS, and not something handled by the Enyo framework.

    We are working on supporting Enyo for Windows 8 applications, but I don't know of any work on the Open webOS side to move the Synergy services to other platforms.
  • I think this discussion is better fit for the open webos forums than here.
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