Ares 2 cannot save changes to file

Hey guys I installed ares 2 on my debian machine with all the instructions from github.
Everything works fine except when I want to save the changes I have made to any file, a pop up comes up saying "Oh, no?! unable to save"

here are also the errors that occure in the terminal:

> Service['home']: <<<
Error: ENOENT, stat '/home/kurosch/enyo/projects/GitHubClient/source/enyo/source/package.js'

> Service['home']: GET /files/file/GitHubClient/source/enyo/source/package.js 404 2ms

> Service['home']: OPTIONS /files/id/%2FGitHubClient%2Fsource%2FLogin.js~?_method=PUT& 200 1ms

> Service['home']: <<<
Error: EXDEV, rename '/tmp/'

> Service['home']: PUT /files/id/%2FGitHubClient%2Fsource%2FLogin.js~?_method=PUT& 403 8ms
hope you can help me with what is wrong.


  • Hmm. The %2F characters in the file path are likely the problem. Those are / characters, so somehow, they're getting URL-encoded when they shouldn't be.

    You're on Debian, you say? What web browser are you using, and which version of node.js do you have?
  • Hello, one of our team-mates is a Debian user & has faced the exact same issue. The root cause is that Ares's Node.js server is attempting to move files from /tmp into another directory. It turns out that /tmp is not on the same file-system as the one where HOME is, so the "rename" syscall fails. The work-around is to define a TMP environment variable somewhere on the same filesystem as HOME.
  • Oh, right. I just ignored the EXDEV error, because it seemed to be phonegap-build related. At least it should be relatively easy to fix. Fix, do we have a bug on this already? If not, can you file one?
  • Please watch the bug above to be notified when a definitive fix will be committed.
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    Thanks for the answer but a bit more detailed explanation would be appreciated, as in where in ares do I have to change the /tmp/ location. Especially since it did work before I just happened to update ares and since than it does not want to save anymore.


    easy workaround for now
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    Hey guys used the TMP=/../ hotfix. thanks very much though that isn't a final solution.
    I might have found a new bug when I now use the ares ui designer and change something and press save everything works/ or it looks like it does but when I switch back to code view or reload the App none of the changes are there.

    I also get the following error in the terminal:

    > Service['home']:

    Debian "wheezy"
    ares newest git hub version
    and chromium
  • If you're using the top-of-tree version, the "save" button isn't hooked up properly in the designer. Sorry about that. I'll be checking in a fix for that before Monday, most likely.
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