Database Location on Desktop

Hi All,

I have asked this question under webos forum but got no response. Just trying my luck here.

When I open my app in a browser e.g Safari, and I add some data, where is this data stored on the PC?. I would like to open this data in another program such as SQLite Database Browser.

thanks in advance.


  • It depends on the browser, of course. For Safari, a Google search indicates it should be in:

    [your home folder]/Library/Safari/Databases
  • Thank you very much mbessey,

    I have managed to open my Tpad data in safari fine.

    Once I set up proper synchronisation between my TPad data and PC by wifi, I think I will have a ready made Desktop Companion for my app in safari or any other browser of choice. At least that is the intention anyway.

    Very much appreciated
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