AjaxContent and capturing link clicks?

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0
Is there a way to capture link clicks within an AjaxContent kind, similar to onLinkClicked() for HTMLContent?


  • Never mind. I looked at HtmlContent.js and "stole" the click handling from there for my application, in case anyone is looking for a solution. "actionLinkClick" is called by the "onclick" trigger in my AjaxContent.
    findLink: function(inNode, inAncestor) {
    		var n = inNode;
    		while (n && n != inAncestor) {
    			if (n.href) {
    				return n.href;
    			n = n.parentNode;
        actionLinkClick: function(inSender, inEvent) {
            var url = this.findLink(inEvent.target, this.hasNode());
            enyo.log("Link Clicked: "+url);
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