No success function found in imageview

I'm using enyo imageview kind in my app, but i didn't find any success function so that I can close my scrim.

Can anybody suggest


  • What kind of interaction would you expect to trigger a "success" event?
  • There's a couple events that bubble up that you can use to determine when the image loads successfully (onload) or when there was an error (onerror)
  • OK, that's a good one. I'll suggest it to Chris.
  • onload and onerror events is already given, I'm trying to fetch image from some external url (http request), but onload events fired multiple times for single request,

    At the very first time my scrim( activity indicator ) disappear in onload, and on second hit there is no indication that processing is going on in the back,

    1) After some time image appears
    2) if on error occure it went to onerror handler

    My requirement is such, I want to hide scrim either successfully getting the image,
    or in onerror function, not in onload function.

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