Bootplate confusion

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Bootplate is great, but I find the mingling of tools and code a bit confusing. I'm not sure why the index.html is at the root of bootplate, instead of putting everything related to my app in a /www folder.

Then I could fork bootplate, and add my app as a submodule in /www
Does that make more sense, or am I missing something?

This would also allow me to include an appinfo.json in my code if I want to build/deploy using the webOS SDK. If I drop the file in /assets, it's copied along with everything else in /assets, and I have to manually move it up a level before running palm-package.

I tried adding "appinfo.json" to the source directory and the package.js, still didn't get put into the deploy directory.


  • The default deploy script in tools/deploy.bat (or .sh) is pretty easy to read and understand. Right now, it runs minify to reduce your code to enyo.js and app.js files and your CSS to enyo.css and app.css. Then it copies everything from your assets and build folders into the output folder along with the index.html and icon.png from the root.

    If you want it to copy other files, just change your local copy to add more copy commands.
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    Thanks, yes, that's what I ended up doing. But what made more sense to me, I added /www and changed the root copy to
    :: copy root folder files
    XCOPY /S %SOURCE%www\*.* %TARGET% >NUL
    Then I put index.html icon.png appinfo.json spec.html, cordova.js, etc
    for the rest of PhoneGap into the www folder
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