Can we get Enyo on Google Summer Of Code 2012?

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Hello Folks,

Google Summer Of Code 2012 is upon us. The project will start accepting submissions in February 27th and I think this is a great opportunity for the new Enyo open source project. I am a former GSOC student and I think the project is great, it would be a good chance to get some clever students working on new Enyo code.

The home page for GSOC 2012 is here:

If the folks in charge think this is a good opportunity, then, I would like to help in any way I can. I am still a student, so I could apply for it or I could help the mentors or I could help the general organization of the thing. I just think this is not only a good chance to get more hands working on Enyo but also a very good PR for the whole project.

We know that the current Enyo team could use some help in areas that are not the main Enyo codebase, GSOC students could help with tutorials, code testing and documentation.

Anyone want to chime in?



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