How do I move the "root" folder out of ares-project/hermes/filesystem?

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I have checked each and every file in the hermes branch and could not find a method to set the "root" folder for the filesystem service except changing the code. I'd like to move it out of the whole ares-project file system branch to avoid interference with Git.

Is there something I missed?



  • No, you'll probably need to change the code right now. However, this part is still under active development, so please file a bug in our JIRA setup to make this a setting that can be changed via configuration file.
  • Thanks, Ben!
    I filed a feature request (ENYO-782) and afterwards noticed that there is already one (ENYO-779 Implement a configurable "home" folder for local filesystem service) when I looked at the complete list. I have searched for "root" not "home" ;-)
  • Yes, this is on the "short list" of bugs we're hoping to fix first.
  • As of today's most-recent merges, the root folder for the local filesystem has been set to the user's "home" folder. We'll be adding a way to remember "projects" soon, so you can easily get back to your project, in whatever deeply-nested directory it's located in.
  • Where is the projects list stored. itried to delete but it won't...thought I would remove manually from the "remembered projects" list.

    By the way...ares is coming along pretty good. Even in this state its somewhat usable and definitely a good leaning tool for new users to learn the code structure of an enyo app.
  • The project list is stored in the browser's LocalStorage database, so doing a "reset" of the browser, however that works on the browser you're using, should take care of it.

    There's a "delete project" button that removes projects from the list, but if that's not working, it's a bug we probably need to fix...
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