Play a list of videos(playlist) with enyo.Video

Anyone know how to play a playlist using the enyo video kind? or how to play a playlist in general using enyo.
        name: "app.Videoplayer",
        kind : "Video",
        classes: "video-player",
        poster : null,
        src : null

Do I just pass a list as a published property and watch for a video complete event then just queue up the next video based on the current index or is there an easier way?


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    Check out moon.VideoPlayer in the moonstone library. It's just a more featured wrapper around the <video> tag that handles setting multiple sources, provides controls, and other things. You can listen for all of the tag's events and then play the next video as one ends.

    Alternatively, I am cleaning up a video player application sample that shows how to deal with multiple videos as collections that you set on the VideoPlayer and it just plays them one after the other.
  • @sugardave‌ I can't seem to get the playback controls to showup , the controls show up when I use the enyo.Video kind but not for moon.VideoPlayer :
        name: "ameba.Videoplayer",
        kind : "moon.VideoPlayer",
        classes: "video-player",
        poster : null,
        src : null,
        autoShowControls : true, 
        fitToWindow : true, 
        autoplay :true,
        showPlayPauseControl: true,
        disablePlaybackControls: false,
        showJumpControls: true,
        disableSlider: false,
        showProgressBar: true,
        inline: false,
        autoShowOverlay: true
  • For moon.VideoPlayer, you get the controls to show/hide with a down arrow keypress, and any info banner you get to show/hide with an up arrow keypress.
  • @sugardave‌ is there a fullscreen toggle ?
  • Check out the Inline Video Player sample (Sampler -> Moonstone UI / Media), which demonstrates the fullscreen toggle and is utilized when you set inline: true in the declaration of your player.
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