CSP Violation Detected when packaged for FirefoxOS

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I've just try to validate my Enyo2 app in the firefox os validator, but I get many CSP validation errors and warnings.

One is:

Error: It appears that your code may be performing an action which violates the CSP (content security policy) for privileged apps.
You can find more information about what is and is not allowed by the CSP on the Mozilla Developers website. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Security/CSP
<body class="enyo-unselectable">
if (!window.App) {

Does anyone how to work around this? The reason seems to be the inline scripting since I get similar errors when pushing the app to a FxOS device.
E/GeckoConsole( 2105): [JavaScript Warning: "Content Security Policy: Directive inline script base restriction violated" {file: "app://20b13fad-1800-468e-b91c-9e9895ad4f99/index.html" line: 19 column: 0 source: "
E/GeckoConsole( 2105): if (!window.App) {
E/GeckoConsole( 2105): alert('No app..."}]


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