WordPress-powered Enyo Theme? Let's make this happen!

For years, I've been asking one main question (okay, not a main question, but bear with me).

Why the bleep hasn't a WordPress theme/app platform been made using Enyo?

When you think about it, most of the WordPress mobile and tablet formatted stuff stinks. In the end, you wind up having to port in some really ugly third party app, or use a mobile theme that, let's be honest, stinks. Sorry WP-Touch, you stink. And I'm a paying customer.

Enyo solved a real pain-point for mobile and desktop - having a consistent UX that rocks. Why not loop in WordPress and have an Enyo-powered CMS that everyone is already using?

I realize, this is a challenge. You're talking about wiring up a CMS, with all its calls and eccentricities into a JS framework that may not have all the relevant features perfectly aligned (galleries, etc). Then you're talking extensibility with giving people thematic controls, places to brand and put advertising, yadda, yadda. These, from what I can see from Enyo, are all solve-able issues.

The benefits are just too much to ignore. Imagine if each WordPress site could tap Enyo, and truly become an app both on desktop and on tablet?

WordPress needs this more than Enyo does, in my opinion. You look at mega-sites like Gawker, and they're killing smaller blogs because they have the R&D budgets to create unique app-friendly experiences using newer JS and HTML calls.

So, let's make this happen. If it costs money and engineering time, this is something that I think, if mocked up and presented properly, the WordPress community would be happy to fund via Kickstarter. And I, for one, will put the sweat equity in to help make that happen.

Who's with me?


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