Forcing a sender when bubbling events

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I've been looking over the documentation for bubbling events, and am having a bit of trouble making it work.

In my app, I have two panels. The left one is a list panel, and the right one is a content panel. The rough structure of the app is as follows:

->list panel
->content panel

The list items each have a set of custom parameters, and I implement an "onTap" event handler for the listItems at the list level. This give me the required parameters in the inSender object. What I am trying to do is pass that object up to the app level, so that it can be handled, using this.bubble. If I use "this.bubble("onListItemTap", inEvent, inSender);" with a corresponding event handler for "onListItemTap" at the app level, the event is caught, but I don't see the custom inEvent and inSender objects.

Does anyone know that I am doing wrong here?


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