assigning value to Picker's selected value

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how do I assign value back to picker, e.g. loading value from server and matching the content assigning into the selected item?


  • nvm i found the solution, i got messed up over components vs controls, was using the wrong properties.

    for those interested to know,

    here is how i do it, assuming you are using content as parameter to match back and assign the selected value.
    var selectedControlItem = this.findItem(this.$.yourPickerName.controls, matchingcontent) ;
    this.$.yourPickerName.setSelected( selectedControlItem );  
    // In findItem function, do a for loop with controls.length to find the matchingcontent break and return the result back to selectedControlItem;
  • thanks.
    I wonder if there is a more elegant method besides a for loop ?
    Is there any hash table implementation that does a fast lookup by value?
    Wouldn't it be helpful if the picker kind would already implement such functionality?
  • u need to check the lib\onyx\source folder and check out the picker.js, this is true till version 2.1.1 not sure if 2.2 has anything new yet.

    there's another possibility,

    this.$.yourPickerName.setSelected( this.$.selectedItemName );

    Where all your subitems are named uniquely.

    But, if u want a more custom controlled ones, you can duplicate the picker code write your own control by referencing the onyx ones. maybe called it my.picker that special method in mind.
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