Making CollapsingArranger not collapse all the way to the left by 30 pixels?

Basically in my actual code I have a menu on the left consisting of menu items containing icons and text, what I want is when I slide the right panel to the left it hides the left panel up to the point where the icons start so only the icons are showing, so about 30px of the left panel still showing.

I've tried moving the right panel to the left by 30px with "left: 30px;", which works but I don't want it to be 30px to the left when it's not collapsing to the left but only when it is collapsing to the left.

Possible solutions would be: 1.somehow set a min-width to the right panel but I don't think that works because it doesn't actually shrink when it's collapsing but it hidden behind. 2.somehow restrict how far to the left the right panel can go. 3.setting "left: 30px;" only when it's starting to collapse to the left.

I haven't been able to successfully implement these possible solutions, I like #2 but #3 could also work if it doesn't result in some jerking motions. Is #2 possible? And if not, is there some event which reveals when the panel is collapsing to the left?



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    try "peekWidth:30" in the panel kind. :)
  • It works! I notice though that it only works with Enyo nightly, which I can use with jsFiddle but how do I download it onto my localhost/computer? I know the nightly build can be found here: but I don't know how I can download it without selecting Save Link as.. on every individual file, is there any way to download the whole of Enyo Nightly without downloading each and every file through individual clicks?
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    Okay so I just changed my html to:
    <script src="enyo/enyo.js"></script>
    <!--<script src=""></script>-->
    <!-- application (debug) -->
    <script src="source/package.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    which works fine without downloading the whole nightly.
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