De-couple editor from Ares

I'm in the middle of a project and at a point where I want to integrate an Enyo based code editor into it. The Ares editor is obviously perfect for this. I only need about 20% of Ares however. Specifically these features:
Code editor
Ares integrates the Ace (Cloud9) code editor for code editing

Code intelligence
Upon opening/editing a JavaScript file, Ares will parse the file and display a semantic outline of the code in the right-hand panel (for purposes of demonstrating parser)
Code completion using symbols from:
the current project
the Enyo version that comes with Ares
the libraries included in the project
In the future, this will be used for advanced features context-sensitive documentation, etc.
I see that some of the components can be de-coupled simply but I'm not sure about the features listed. Is there an easy way to de-couple the editor from the rest of Ares? And is there a version w/o phonegap or the filesystem, that just has the latest editor and theme settings?


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