problem with image-view

Hi, I am using image-view control provided in enyo 2.1.1, to load an map-image which is fetched from server.

I am using scale:auto for same.

The issue I am facing is, once the image is successfully loaded, the image is not getting properly scaled according to screen size first time. Its getting scaled bigger than screen size. But once I zoom in and zoom out, it is scaled perfectly with screen size.

I tried re-rendering the page, but it again calls the onload method of image-view and same thing(above mentioned) happens.

i want the image to be perfectly fit from first view itself.

can anybody suggest.


  • You might be able to run .resized() on either the ImageView kind or its internal Image kind (maybe you can try .render() here, too) it generates after the image is loaded.
  • Hi sugardave,

    Thanks for response. I tried to run using .resized() on ImageView, but nothing is getting effected. I am getting the same behaviour,

    Also when i used the .render() function, it is creating a loop in between image loaded method and itself i.e. rendered method.
  • Do you get the same effect (nothing) when you .resized() the Image itself?
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