Issue with Checkbox in Android 4.0.4


I have a scroller- List-item with check box. There is an ontap event for item to select/deselect checkbox and onclick event for chckbox.

Its working fine in all IPhone, IPad and Android versions. but when we tested it on Android 4.0.4(samsung galaxy note GT-N7000) item ontap is not working properly and we observed that if we long press the item it will get checked/un-checked. But checkbox onclick is working fine in all devices. Please help me in this issue.


  • Android in browser or in a PhoneGap app?
  • I havn't checked in browser but issue is in PhoneGap app
  • Is the checkbox an enyo.Checkbox or onyx.Checkbox? The first is implemented with a native input control, while the second uses a div with custom behavior.

    A long press on a list item derived from onyx.Item is handed differently. This is due to the code that adds/removes a CSS class. We just updated this code in the trunk for the next release to act a bit differently, doing a better job of keeping the flyweight item's state synchronized with what's in the DOM.
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