OpenWebOS documentation linking to enyo/docs but there is a stub

Hey guys I was reading this documentation here and it refers to the enyo documentation in the first point straight away.
But unfortunately I cannot find any documentation on 'PalmService'.


  • PalmServiceBridge isn't a Enyo object -- it's an object exposed directly by WebKit instances running Open webOS apps. Alas, it's not well documented -- there's a kind in Enyo 1 that wraps PalmServiceBridge, see However, we're not wrapping it in Enyo 2 since that framework is designed for all devices. Any work around wrapping it will be done as part of the webOS support in the Cordova/PhoneGap project.
  • so basically I have to wait till there is cordova support for openwebos to program synergy connectors and anything that needs some device specific functionality. OR I simply use enyo 1..
  • Yeah, that's the case right now. The most recent Cordova for webOS will work on the current Open webOS builds, but this likely change soon due to architectural changes that are happening. The good news is that one of our DTS engineers, Markus, is also working closely with Cordova to keep support active, so I don't think there will be a huge time gap where things won't work.
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